IPEVO VC-A10 USB Speakerphone
IPEVO VC-A10 USB Speakerphone
IPEVO VC-A10 USB Speakerphone
IPEVO VC-A10 USB Speakerphone

IPEVO VC-A10 USB Speakerphone

The IPEVO VC-A10: A sleek, portable USB speakerphone with high-quality microphones and immersive speakers. Elevate your video conferencing setup effortlessly with this plug-and-play device. Its 360-degree omnidirectional microphones ensure clear communication in various settings, including huddle rooms and work-from-home environments. The IntelliGo AI chip reduces background noise, while IPEVO's Dynamic Sound Technology enhances audio precision for an immersive experience.
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Product Features

Express freely with a compact and flexible USB speakerphone- IPEVO VC-A10
A sleek USB speakerphone with noise cancellation, top-notch microphone, and immersive speakers. Its 360-degree omnidirectional mics ensure seamless communication, from small conference rooms to home offices. Effortless "plug and play" setup. Experience IPEVO's Dynamic Sound Technology for rich, precise audio. Connect seamlessly with multiple participants. Elevate your remote conferencing. Say goodbye to disruptions. Enjoy a smooth communication journey.
Our Advantages:
Experience Smooth Communication with Perfect Sound Coverage and Crystal-Clear Sound
A USB speakerphone powered by intelliGo AI, enhancing human voices and minimising background noise. With a 360° omnidirectional microphone, it enables seamless communication in any environment. The Dynamic Sound Technology is an advanced audio optimisation and acoustic tuning technology that allows an immersive conferencing experience.
Keep Strategic Discussions Private
Mute the microphone to hold an internal discussion. When ready, simply press a button to seamlessly resume the meeting.
Conduct Your Meeting Anywhere
Ideal for small team meeting rooms, spaces without audio facilities, and home office environments.
Effortless Plug & Play, Ideal for Anywhere, Any Setting
It's incredibly portable, simply plug-and-play, and compatible with a variety of platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoTo Meeting, and more, on Windows, MacOS, and Chromebooks.
Sleek and Portable Design:
High-quality microphones and immersive speakers are housed in a sleek and portable design.
Streamlined Video Conferencing Setup:
Enjoy a streamlined video conferencing setup with extended audio range, ensuring exceptional performance in meetings.
360° Omnidirectional Microphones:
Seamless communication in any setting is made possible by 360° omnidirectional microphones.
IntelliGo AI Chip for Noise Reduction:
The intelliGo AI chip leverages machine learning from over 5 million data points to reduce background noise and enhance voice clarity.
Dynamic Sound Technology:
IPEVO's Dynamic Sound Technology delivers enriched tones and audio precision, creating an immersive experience.
Ideal for Small Team Meeting Rooms:
Designed for small team meeting rooms, spaces without audio facilities, and home office environments.
Essential for Multi-Person Conferences:
An essential tool for multi-person conferences, ensuring clear and effective communication.
Effortless "Plug and Play" USB Connection:
Easy setup with your laptop using the effortless "plug and play" USB connection.
Generous 2-Year Warranty:
IPEVO offers a generous 2-year warranty period for added peace of mind.
Package Contents:
The package includes 1 VC-A10 speakerphone, 1 storage bag, and 1 user manual.